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Investors and Venture Capital Needed

Big companies have already found their way across the Bridge. However, we feel that MBP could help Entrepreneurs and Investors playing in the 1st league, rather than in the Premiership, to find each other.

MBP Participants, involved in different activity areas, are looking for partners across the border. Our job is to make a perfect match from the two sides in any investment sector.

We believe that you can find the right investor for your business among the contacts on our Investors directory. However, you can also put some details of your business proposal in this page and you may find a few of our Participants interested to discuss the possibility of investment in your particular initiative more quickly.

As a Fellow Member you will be able to establish a direct contact with your potential investors. If you or the other side prefer to act via our MBP communication line, you can indicate this in your registration form. We take time to understand your investment needs, so that, as soon as we see a business that we think would be particularly relevant to you, we can let you know immediately.

We could market your business, help you with the negotiation process and do everything that needs to be done to ensure a satisfactory result. (See page MBP Services for details).

Investors, Please note that we do not undertake Due Diligence. Investors must do this and seek advice where that is needed. You should be sufficiently experienced to understand the risks associated with the Small and Medium Enterprise market place.

The information is published in all the Website languages to be seen by as many of the Internet users around the world as possible.

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Please send your questions and Proposals to

Our goal is to provide and constantly add new possibilities for information exchange in the world. We are always searching for new ideas. Many of the recent improvements of our service is the direct result of the suggestions made by visitors and members. We take very seriously any your comment.

Investors and Venture Capital Needed

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13601Belarus: BrestHealth; Health Care; Investment; Manufacturing; Pharmaceutical; Pharmaceutical ProductsInvestors and Venture Capital NeededHealth Care,
Health Care and Social Assistance
  ≤ 10 000 000 евро -
13600Belarus: BrestHealth; Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Pharmaceutical ProductsInvestors and Venture Capital NeededHealth Care,
Health Care and Social Assistance,
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  ≤ 10 000 000 евро -
13596Mexico (Mexico ),
Estado de México
InvestorNon-Residential Property for SaleReal Estate and Rental and Leasing ≥ 84,957,000.00 -
Make offer
13584Czech Republic: PragueArts ; CultureInvestors and Venture Capital NeededArts,
Information (including Telecommunications and Internet),
Broadcasting (except Internet),
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
≥ 1800000 USD
13575United States: Boston (Massachusetts)24 Hour Front DeskInvestors and Venture Capital NeededFinance and Insurancewe offer start up capital to people in need of it
investment offer
13534  Investors and Venture Capital NeededAgriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting  ≥ 1000000 USD
13468Russia: KrasnodarEntertainment and Recreation Investors and Venture Capital NeededRestaurants & Bars,
Tourism, Catering & Hospitality,
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  ≥ 50мл.евро -
13429EstoniaWorldwideInvestors and Venture Capital NeededRetail trade,
Tourism, Catering & Hospitality,
Wholesale trade,
  ≥ 60000 ≤ 80000 -
13411Ghana Agricultural land; Busines establishment; Buyer; Emerging technologies; Export; Mining; Seller; West Africa
Investors and Venture Capital NeededConstruction,
Wholesale trade
Educational Services,
Mining (Except Oil and Gas),
Wholesale Trade
service ≥ 100k ≤ 250k USD/month
13381Russia: MoscowAdvertisingInvestors and Venture Capital NeededAdvertising,
Emerging technologies,

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