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"Investment & Business" catalogue has a wealth of information on commercial development projects to help foreign businesses and private investors expand their business operations worldwide.

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Investment & Business

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CIS countries
CIS countries
PharmaceuticalWe Want to be a distributorHealth Care and Social Assistance  -
14416 Afrikaans; Bird; Business; Business plan; Cuisine; Specialities; Eating out; Restaurants; Bars; Express delivery; Food Services; Former USSR; Launching of a Product / Service / Business; Small and medium-sized enterprises / SME ( small and medium businesses / SMB) ; Small businessMiscellaneousAccommodation and Food Services  ≥ 7000 ≤ 20000 USD
14410CIS countriesConfectioneryWe Want to be a distributor   -
14408Russia: KaliningradOil; Gas; Petroleum; PetrochemicalsCompanies for SaleOil and Gas Extraction -
14406Russia: RyazanSport, Tourism, Catering & HospitalityInvestors and Venture Capital NeededAgriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting,
Tourism, Catering & Hospitality
Geographical location - Ryazan region, near the nature reserve "Oka River Biosphere". The place is beautiful - forests, fields, the river - everything is there. We have enough Lands (we own a large flat field (130 hectars), this area is larger than famouse "Luzhniki" arena in Moscow - "Luzhniki" occupy 100 hectars We plan to organize and develope an interesting business in the area. Specifically, to build tourism and leisure Park hotel with orientation on agroturizm (we will operate a small farm)
Tourism and leisure Park Hotel with the agrotourism orientation
≥ 44720 USD/month
14400 ARM processor; Accessories; Activities / Sport; Administrative and Support Services; Adult / Erotic; Agriculture; Applications software; Architecture; Building; Planning; Asia ; Automotive; Broker; Busines establishment; Business; Business plan; Buy; CIF - Cost, Insurance, Freight; Cafè ; Capital; Cellular telephones; Central Asia ; Construction; Consulting; Country; Credit Card; Customer service; Domain; Employer; Entrepreneur; FCA - Free Carrier; Farm ; Fashion; Finance; For Sale; Foreign investment; Franchise; Furniture; Gambling; Games; Investment; Investor; Joint Venture Establishment; Joint venture; Large business; Legal; Leisure; Licensing; Low cost; Market; Marketing; Massage ; Medium-sized business; Office; Online; Order; Other; PayPal; Price; Private; Private Investor; Profit; Program; Programming; Project; Public Sector ; Raising capital; Recreation; Recruitment; Residential Property; Resort; Restaurant ; Restaurants & Bars; Sale; Sales; Schools; Science; Sell; Services; Small business; Software; Spare Parts; Sports; Startup business / Startup enterprise; TV; Telecommunications Equipment Rent; Textile; Ticket Booking (travel); Turnover; Urgent; Venture capital; WorldwideInvestors and Venture Capital Needed   -
14399Russia: P.-KamchatskyAffordable goods; Commercial contract; Commercial representative; Distribution (business); Distributor; ImportWe Want to be a distributor   -
14386 Financing / FundingMiscellaneous I am looking for funding for my company. I will accept your conditions. The money is needed for the purchase of equipment. The cost is 5000 €. I am waiting for your suggestions %
14384Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
Worldwide, Asia , Europe, CIS countries, Former USSR, Other
Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Japan
Worldwide, Asia , Europe, CIS countries, Caucasus, Other
Asia ; Buckwheat; CIS countries; Commercial representative; Distributor; Foodstuff / Food Products; Former USSR; Import; Manufacturer; Manufacturer; Seller; Sugar; TeaWe Want to be a distributorOther Services,
Retail Trade
Wholesale Trade,
Retail Trade
Worldwide, CIS countries
Building Materials; Building material; Export; Industrial property ; Manufacturing; Required; TechnologiesInvestors and Venture Capital NeededManufacturing,
Miscellaneous Manufacturing
  ≤ 1000000 USD

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