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The right place on the Internet to find an investment opportunity at home and abroad.

"Investment & Business" catalogue has a wealth of information on commercial development projects to help foreign businesses and private investors expand their business operations worldwide.

It is our mission to provide those, on both sides of the Bridge, searching for businesses, properties and promising results of R&D to buy or to sell, with up-to-date opportunities. Provide us with your requirements in one of The Website Languages and we will deliver them across the Bridge to those searching for offers like yours.

A short description of every available Investment Proposal is provided in the Investment Directory together with a reference to the related publication and/or website.

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Investment & Business

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2240WorldwideBusiness; Export; Franchise; Goods; ImportFranchises & OpportunitiesFinance and Insurance
Finance and Insurance
Kazakhstan: Almaty
Asia ; Export; Foodstuff / Food Products; Import; Wholesale tradeWe Want to be a distributorWholesale Trade
Food Manufacturing
24 Hour Front Desk; ARM architecture; ARM processor; Abroad; Accessories; Activities / Sport; Additional information; Adult education; Advergaming; Advertising; Advertising Agency; Advisory service; Aeronautical; Aerospace; Africa ; Agency; Agency / Intermediary; Agent; Representative; Agreement; Agricultural Products; Agricultural cooperative; Agriculture; Air condition; Air force; Air transport; Airport; Airport Shuttle; Alaska; America; Analysis and examination; Animals; Anodizing; Antiques; Antiques / Collectables; Apparel Manufacturing; Applications software; Applications software programming; Apprenticeship Training; Architecture; Architecture; Building; Planning; Army; Asia ; Assorted Goods; Auction; Audio and Visual; Australia; New Zealand; Oceania; Auto accessories; Auto spare parts ; Automotive; Available goods; Baltic countries / Baltic states ; Bar; Barber / Men’s Hairdresser; Beauty Salon; Beer ; Beverage and Tobacco Products; Bicycle Rent ; Bilateral agreement; Biomedicine; Biotechnology; Boats, Yachts; Boats, Yachts, Water Sport; Books, Comics, Magazines; Bridge (ship); Britain; Broadcaster (Radio, TV); Broadcasting; Brokerage; Brown / White Goods (Appliances); Building Materials; Building material; Busines establishment; Business; Business Centre; Business acquisition; Business plan; Buy; CFR - Cost and Freight; CIF - Cost, Insurance, Freight; CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid to; CIS countries; CPT - Carriage Paid to; Cafè ; Call center; Camera; Capacity; Capital; Car; Car rental; Car; Auto; Cardboard; Cargo Type; Cargo carrying capacity; Caribbean; Carriage of passengers; Case study; Casino; Catalogue / Catalog; Catering; Hospitality; Cellular telephones; Central Africa; Central America; Central Asia ; Central Europe; Centre; Center; Chemical Manufacturing; Chemicals; Chemistry; City; City Centre; Client acquisition; Clinic; Clothes and Shoes; Clothing; Clothes; Club; Coal Products; Coffee Shop; Collective investment scheme / Investment Fund; Commercial and Home Interior Design, Decoration; Commercial contract; Commercial law; Commercial property; Commercial representative; Communications; Communications Equipment; Computer Facilities Management Services; Computer Games; Computer Storage Device; Computer Training; Computer hardware consulting services or consultants; Computer program; Computer servers; Computer software; Computer systems; Computer systems integration; Computer terminals; Computing, Software ; Conference Hall/Rooms; Construction; Consulting; Consumer Electronics ; Consumer Goods; Container; Contract; Cooperative; Cosmetology; Country; Countryside; Crafts ; Creative Arts and Design; Crete; Cruise; Cruise ship; Custom Computer Programming; Customer / Client; DAF - Delivered at Frontier; DDP - Delivered Duty Paid; DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid; DEQ - Delivered ex Quay; DES - Delivered ex Ship; DIY, Household; DVD (video); DVD Audio; Data communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers); Data processing; Database; Decorating; Decoration objects; Decor; Defence; Delivery; Design; Design Studio / Design Agency; Designer; Designer label ; Development; Development and Execution of Special Events; Dietary supplement; Digital printing; Direct Marketing; Disaster Recovery - Computer Forensics; Discount; Discount rate; Domain; Door-to-door delivery services; Draught Beer; Dry Cleaning; Due Diligence; E-mail Advertising; EXW - Ex Works; EXW price; East Africa ; Eastern Europe; Ecotourism; Education; Electrical appliance; Electrical components; Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS); Electronic Chart System (ECS); Electronic Components; Electronic Documentation; Electronic commerce / eCommerce; Electronic, electrical circuits; Electronics; Embedded system; Embossing (Stamping); Embroidery ; Emerging technologies; Employee; Energy; Engineering; Entertainment; Entertainment and Recreation ; Entertainment programme; Entrepreneur; Equipped and furnished to a high standard; Europe; European Economic Area; European Union; Exclusive goods; Expert; Export; Express delivery; FAS - Free alongside Ship; FCA - Free Carrier; FOB - Free on Board; Facilities; Facilities, Equipment and Environment; Family; Far East ; Farm ; Fashion; Fashion Design - Clothes, Shoes, Accessories ; File hosting; Finance; Financial planning; Financing / Funding; Financing is required; Fishing; Fitness Room ; Food & Beverage Facilities; Food Manufacturing; Food Services; Food and Drink / Beverage; Foodstuff / Food Products; For Sale; For lease; Foreign direct investment (FDI); Foreign investment; Foreigner; Forest ; Forestry; Former USSR; Franchise; Freight; Freight rate; Fresh water; Fully furnished; Furniture; Furniture & Accessories; Gallery; Games; Gift / Present; Gifts ; Gilding; Glass; Global positioning system (GPS) equipment; Gold; Golf; Golf course; Goods; Graphic Art (Web); Gross Income; Guesthouse (B&B) ; Hand held computers (e.g., PDAs); Hands-on training; Hawaii; Hazardous / Dangerous Goods; Health & Beauty; Health Care; Health: Alternative Medicine; Health: Traditional Medicine; Heavy / Bulky Goods; Helicopter; High fidelity / hi-fi ; Highway; Motorway; Home theatre audio and video equipment; Horse Riding; Hospitality; Hosting; Hotel ; Household, DIY, Garden; Hunting; IP-based Video and Audio; IT Support, Computer Equipment Repair and Maintenance; Import; Individual (Person); Industrial Design; Industrial process; Information services; Information technology; Inland Waterway Transport; Innovation; Innovative venture; Insurance; Integration; Intellectual property; Interior design; International; International Airport; International relations; Internet; Internet Advertising; Internet Agency; Internet Publishing and Broadcasting; Internet Service Providers; Invention; Inventor; Investment; Investment club; Investment cost; Investment grant; Investment income; Investment project; Investment sector; Investor; Iron; Steel products; Item; Jewellery; Joint venture; Know how / Procedural knowledge; Language tuition; Large business; Latin America; Launching of a Product / Service / Business; Laundry; Law; Leather, allied products; Legal; Legal advice; Leisure grounds; Letter of intent (LOI); Library; Licensing; Linux operating system; Location; Logistics; Luggage / Baggage; Luxury; Machinery Manufacturing; Magazine; Magazines and Newspapers Publications; Management support; Manpower planning; Manufacturer; Manufacturing; Marina; Maritime industry; Maritime transport; Market; Marketing; Martial arts; Mass communications; Mass communications / Public relations agency; Mass media; Material; Medical; Medical equipment; Medicinal plants; Medicine; Medicine and Dentistry; Mediterranean Region; Medium-sized business; Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A); Metal; Micro Systems Technology ( MST) / Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); Microbusiness / Micro-enterprise; Microcomputers; Microcontroller / MCU / uC; Microelectronics; Microprocessor; Middle East; Minimum Lease Term; Minimum order; Mining; Minor Arts; Mobile Commerce / U-Commerce; Mobile Telephony; Mobile communications equipment; Money Exchange; Moto accessories; Moto spare parts; Motocycle; Scooter; Motorcycle Rental ; Multilingual; Multimedia; Music, Vinyl, CD; Musical Instruments ; Nanotechnology; Natural resources; Natural resources exploitation; Natural science; Nautical; Navigation; Navy; Near Bus Stop; Near Highway; Near Train Station; Near Tube Station / Subway; Near to International Airport; Near to Sea Port; Near to city; Network Security; News; Media; Information; Newspaper; Night Club / Disco; No cost at all; North Africa; North America; Notebook computer; Offer; Office; Office & stationery; Oil Gas Extraction; Oil; Gas; Online; Online booking; Operating system; Order; Organisation / Person providing design; Outdoor Advertising; Outdoor Sport (Athletics); Outdoor Sport (Games); Output product nomenclature; PVC; Packaging; Packaging and Labelling; Pad printing (Tampo; Tampo Printing); Paint ; Paper; Paper Manufacturing; Paper, Cardboard, Cellulose / Pulp; Partial financing; Passenger; Passenger carrying capacity; Personal coaching; Personal computers; Petroleum; Petrochemicals; Pharmaceutical; Pharmaceutical Products; Photo studio; Photocopy; Photography; Physics; Plane / Aircraft; Plants; Plastics; Point of Sale (POS) / Point of Purchase Advertising (POP); Pottery, Porcelain & Glass ; Powder coating; Primary Metal Manufacturing; Printing; Printing house; Private; Private Investor; Private Sector ; Private clinic; Process technology / Process engineering / Chemical engineering; Product Placement; Product Placement Agency; Production Studio; Production capacity; Professional Services; Professional development and training; Profit; Profit-sharing Ratio; Profitability; Program; Programming; Project; Project management; Pub ; Public Sector ; Public relations / Foreign affairs; Public transport; Publishing Industries; R&D; R&D Project; Radar systems and equipment; Radio; Railroad; Raw Material; Real Estate ; Recipient of investment; Recreation; Recruitment; Recyclable Materials; Recycling; Refrigeration; Rental; Leasing; Research; Research; Development; Residential Property; Resort; Resources; Restaurant ; Restaurants & Bars; Risk management; Road Transport; Robotics; Sailing; Sailing boat; Sale; Sales; Sales Promotion; Satellite communications equipment; Sawmill; Scandinavia; Schools; Science; Scientific Research and Development Services; Scrap; Screen-printing; Silkscreening; Scuba Diving; Sea Port; Seaside; Self-financing; Sell; Service Area; Service Languages; Services; Ship navigation; Ship's bridge simulator; Shipping; Forwarding; Shoes; Footwear; Shopping; Siberia; Ski resort; Small and medium-sized enterprises / SME ( small and medium businesses / SMB) ; Small business; Software; Software Installation; Software Localization; Software Reproducing; South America; South-East Asia ; Southern Africa; Souvenir; Souvenir shop; Space satellites, communications; Sport, Tourism, Catering & Hospitality; Sporting Goods ; Sports; Sports and Recreation Instruction; Startup business / Startup enterprise; Stereo systems; Strategic planning; Studio; Supermarket ; Support Activities for Mining; Swimming pool ; Systems integration; TV; TV Commercial; Tableware; Tahiti; Taiga; Tax law; Taxis; Minicabs; Private Cars; Technical support; Technologies; Telecommunications; Telecommunications Equipment Rent; Telecommunications Resellers; Telecommunications Service Provider; Tennis; Test equipment; Textile; Ticket Booking (travel); Timber; Lumber; Wood product; Timetable; Top quality; Tourism; Tourism, Catering & Hospitality; Toys & Games; Trade; Trading Costs; Train Station; Transport Advertising; Transport of Animals ; Transportation services; Transportation; Warehousing; Tube Station / Subway; Turnover; Unique Method; Urgent; Utilities; Venture capital; Video; Video equipment; Virtual reality (VR); Warehouse; Waste; Waste Management; Remediation; Watches; Water sports; Web / Internet page design; Web Search Portals; Engine; West Africa ; Western Europe; Wholesale trade; WiFi / Wireless LAN ; Wine; Wine; Food ; Winter sports resort; Wired Telecommunications; Woman; Wood; Wood product; Wood product manufacturing; Worldwide; Yacht; YeniseyFranchises & OpportunitiesOther Services
Other Services
≥ 30000 USD
1964Bansko (Bulgaria)Agent; Representative; Bathroom; Burglar alarm systems; Closed circuit television; Eastern Europe; European Union; Fire detection and alarm systems; Flat; Apartment ; Golf; Hotel ; Internet Access; Restaurants & Bars; Sale; Ski resort; Swimming pool ; Top quality; Turkish/Steam Bath; Unfurnished; View on Mountains; Winter sports resortResidential Property for Sale  ≥ 23410 USD
Price on application
Semey (formerly Semipalatinsk) (Kazakhstan)
Beverage and Tobacco Products; Business plan; Commercial contract; Contact name; Goods; Internet Advertising; Investment property; Joint venture; Large business; Logistics; Long-term; Property with income; Your OfferGeneral Interest InformationAccommodation and Food Services,
Wholesale Trade
1902Kapchagai (Kazakhstan)CIS countries; Casino; Investment property; Near Highway; Non-Residential Property; Real Estate Non-Residential Property for SaleArts, Entertainment and Recreation ≥ 2600000 USD
1837Russia: SlobodskoyBusiness plan; CIS countries; Capital; Export; Financing is required; Foreign investment; Investment project; Investor; Profit; Sawmill; Timber; Lumber; Wood product; Venture capital; Wood product manufacturingInvestors and Venture Capital NeededManufacturing,
Wood product manufacturing
Fully operational sawmill (Russia, Kirov region., City Slobodskoy) is looking for investments to extend production and increase profits. There is an export supplies experience
1828Pendine (United Kingdom)Abroad; Agent; Representative; Architecture; Castle ; Detached House; Europe; Fireplace; Forest ; Gallery; Garden ; Golf; Horse; Hotel ; House; Living room; Luxurious property ; Luxurious villa; Real Estate ; Sea; Sea Port; Seaside; Semi-detached house / Duplex; United States Dollars USD; View of the Sea ; Your OfferResidential Property for Sale  ≥ 7000000 USD
1827China: KunmingCrafts ; Decoration objects; Decor; Individual (Person); Price mediumInvestors and Venture Capital NeededArts,
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
1826China: KunmingCrafts ; Decoration objects; Decor; Individual (Person); Price mediumInvestors and Venture Capital NeededArts,
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

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