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Natural Environment / Ecology

The natural environment comprises of all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth, it is not the result of activity or intervention of a well developed technological culture.

MBP has established this section of The Website as a reminder to all our participants that while international cooperation is a vital part of technological, social and cultural progress, the International community should also undertake various actions and policies in the interest of both protecting what nature remains in the natural environment and intensifying the role of nature in this environment.

We hope that publications in the “Environment” catalogue will raise awareness in the International community in respect to Environmental issues.

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Natural Environment / Ecology

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Novosibirsk (Russia)
America; Business colleges or schools (baccalaureate / graduate degrees); English; Free accommodation; ISEP (International Student Exchange Programme); Language learning; Want to hostPrivate / Individual exchange (want to host)Subjects allied to Medicine, Biological Sciences, Ecology, Botany, Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Engineering, Technologies, Architecture, Building and Planning, Social studies, Technical translation, European Languages, Literature and related subjects, Historical and Philosophical studies 
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Abroad; Activities / Sport; Actor; America; Ballet; Boats, Yachts; Britain; Business; Business Schools and Computer and Management Training; Business and Administrative studies (including Finances); Business colleges or schools (baccalaureate / graduate degrees); Cultural еxchange; Dance; Education; English; Excursions; Français; Free accommodation; Guided tour; ISEP (International Student Exchange Programme); International relations; Language learning; Language schools; Mathematical and Computer Sciences; Music; Private / Individual exchange; Schools and Courses; Schools, junior college, vocational; Theatre; Tourist exchange; Tours & Activities; Walking; Want to visit; Worldwide; Українська моваPrivate / Individual exchange (want to visit)Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Business and Administrative studies (including Finances), Education
 Cultural Activities; Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) ; Educational exchange; English; Exchange; Language learning; Meet friendly people; Music, Vinyl, CD; Night Club / Disco; Psychology; Study; Working holidayPrivate / Individual exchange (want to visit)Education 
Ukraine: Kherson
Advertising; Agreement; Applications software; Architecture; Article; Arts ; Booklet / Leaflet / Flyer ; Books, Comics, Magazines; Brochure; Business; Business Card; Business plan; CIS countries; Catalogue / Catalog; Certificate; Chemistry; Civil law; Commercial contract; Communications; Conference (simultaneous) interpretation; Consecutive interpretation; Creative writing (Literature); Cultural Event; Description; Destination Management Services (DMC) Agencies; Discount; Documentation Translation; Economics; Electronic Documentation; English; Europe; Examination; Excursions; Exhibition; Fair; Film; Cinema; Movies; Folklore Events; Foreigner; Former USSR; Freelancer; Freelance worker; Guide - Interpreter; Guided tour; Handbook; Health topics; Industry; Information technology; Insurance; International Law; International cooperation; International relations; Internet Advertising; Interpretation; Language learning; Language tuition; Legal; Lesson; Linguistics; Literature; Magazines and Newspapers Publications; Maritime industry; Marketing; Mass communications / Public relations agency; Mass media; Medical; Meeting; Microbiology; Microelectronics; Military; News; Media; Information; O'zbek tili; Online; Packaging and Labelling; Pashto ( پشتو‎ ); Personal Assistant - Interpreter; Pharmaceutical; Philology; Physics; Poetry; Politics; Pop-up ad; Postcard; Poster; Press Release; Professional Services; Project; Public relations / Foreign affairs; Report; Science; Script; Seminar; Social science; Sociology; Song lyrics; Special offer; Special price; Sports; Sticker / Label; Symposium; Technical translation; Technologies; Text; Tour guide; Tourism; Tours & Activities; Translation; Translation Centre; Web banner; Website; Worldwide; Zoology; Беларуская мова; Български; Русский ; Србин; Українська моваInterpretersMedicine and Dentistry, Subjects allied to Medicine, Biological Sciences, Ecology, Botany, Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Engineering, Aviation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (including Telecommunications), Maritime industry, Technologies, Architecture, Building and Planning, Social studies, Law, Business and Administrative studies (including Finances), Mass Communications and Documentation, Technical translation, Linguistics, Classics and related subjects, European Languages, Literature and related subjects, Eastern, Asiatic, African, American and Australasian Languages, Literature, Historical and Philosophical studies, Creative Arts and Design, Education, Sport, Tourism, Catering & Hospitality, Physical education, Accountancy, Geography, Geology 
Far East , Middle East, Australia New Zealand and Oceania, CIS countries, Former USSR, European Economic Area, Mediterranean Region, Baltic countries / Baltic states, Polar Region
Brasilia (Brazil); Nice (France)
Commercial and Home Interior Design, Decoration; Design; Designer; Industrial DesignPrivate / Individual exchange (want to visit)Creative Arts and Design, Sport, Tourism, Catering & Hospitality
EuropeLawyer / Solicitor; Students; Temporary; Western Europe; Work ExperienceStudent Work Abroad (looking for work)Environmental Sciences 
WorldwideAdvertisement; Advertising; Advertising Media; Advisory service; Agency; Article; Audio and Visual; Credit Card; Design Studio / Design Agency; Graphic design; International; Internet Advertising; Language; Marketing; Mass communications / Public relations agency; Multilingual; News; Media; Information; Press Release; Price low ; Publication; Video clip; Web banner; WorldwideAdvertising 
United KingdomAgent; Representative; Foodstuff / Food Products; High qualty; Horse; Seller; SuppliesAvailable Goods 
Africa , North America, Western EuropeAcademic degree; Colleges ; Education; Education grant; Educational programme; English; Fields of Studies; Financing is required; Free accommodation; International cooperation; Job; Português ; Private / Individual exchange; Private Sector ; Public Sector ; Public relations / Foreign affairs; R&D; Scholarship; Social science; Social studies; South America; Study; Training; Want to host; Want to visit; Western Europe; Work ExperiencePrivate / Individual exchange (want to visit)Social studies, Historical and Philosophical studies, Education
America, Alaska, Asia , Europe, Former USSR, European UnionColleges Student Exchange Programs (to send students)Biological Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects, Environmental Sciences, Aviation, Maritime industry, Social studies, Business and Administrative studies (including Finances), European Languages, Literature and related subjects 

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