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Arts - Education

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#Location & ProviderKeywordsCategorySpecialisationOfferPrice
7667WorldwideAdvertisement; Advertising; Advertising Media; Advisory service; Agency; Article; Audio and Visual; Credit Card; Design Studio / Design Agency; Graphic design; International; Internet Advertising; Language; Marketing; Mass communications / Public relations agency; Multilingual; News; Media; Information; Press Release; Price low ; Publication; Video clip; Web banner; WorldwideAdvertising Price low
Germany : Stuttgart
Arts ; Book; Children's literature; Contemporary art; Cultural Activities; Cultural Event; Culture; DVD (video); Entertainment; European Union; Event; Exhibition; Film; Cinema; Movies; Intercultural understanding; Literature; Painting; Record; Recreation; Theatre; WorkshopArts - EducationPainting - Picture,
Painting -Drawing,
Painting - Others,
2229Russia: St.PetersburgBeatles; Biography; Book; Collectables; For Sale; Gift / Present; New condition; Photo album; Photograph; Photo; Popular music; Rock and roll; Rock musicBooks, Comics, MagazinesMusic Negotiable
35 USD
1890United Kingdom: LondonAutograph; Biography; Book; Box set; Collectables; Design; Gift / Present; Gift packaging; Hard rock; Hardcover; Heavy metal; Limited edition; New condition; Non-fiction; Original; Photograph; Photo; Rock musicBooks, Comics, MagazinesMusic , PhotographyA photographer's visual History of the Led Zeppelin Live Experience 1972 - 1977. Live Dreams actually takes you inside the experience of being at their legendary performances, recreating some very special moments from 22 shows of their American tours. Limited edition of only 2000. The number of this book is 992. Signed by Laurance Ratner
500.0 USD
Price high
1385 Animals; Bird; City; Dog; Ecology; Environment; Europe; Flowers; Grasses / Poaceae; Herbs; Landscape; Pets; Photograph; Photo; Picture; Trees; Video clip; Walking; Weather; WildlifePets and Domestic PlantsArts, Pets and Domestic Plants, Photography, Wildlife: Animals, Plants, etc.Let me introduce you to Archie my Russian Black Terrier. We have been walking around Hampstead Heath (North London) together for nearly three years and during that time I have taken hundreds of photographs, some of these I would like to share with you.
1365United Kingdom: LondonThoroughly fascinating
Anthology; Book; Erotic literature; Fiction; Psychology; Sexology; Society
Books, Comics, MagazinesLiterature, Social studiesThis anthology contains erotic stories and poems by women writers from the ancient antiquity to the 20th century on the following themes: invitation, romance, desire, fantasies, taboos, danger, frustration, voyeurism, consummation, self-love
1363United Kingdom: LondonThoroughly fascinating
Anecdote; Arts ; Book; Erotic literature; Gifts ; History; Humor; Illustrations; Non-fiction; Photograph; Photo; Picture; Psychology; Sexology; Society
Books, Comics, MagazinesHistorical and Philosophical studies, Literature, Social studiesThe purpose of this book is to place the human sex drive and its social and moral consequences in their widest historical perspecrive, taking in the whole panorama of sexual attitudes, customs, and practices in all the world's major civilizations from earliest times until the present day. In effect, it is at once a history of sex, a history of relationships between the sexes. and a history of how sex and sexuality have influenced the whole course of human development. An ambitious project, to say the least
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15 USD
1336United Kingdom: LondonBiography; Classic book; Comedy; Essay; Literary criticism; Non-fiction; Paperback; TragedyBooks, Comics, MagazinesHistorical and Philosophical studies, Linguistics, Classics, Literature, Theatre"Shakespeare - The Invention of The Human" is an expansive, hugely ambitious, passionate and convincing analysis of the central work of the Western cannon, and of the playwright who not only invented the English language, but also, as bloom argues, created human nature as we know it today. before Shakespeare there was characterization; after Shakespeare, there were characters, men and women capable of change, with highly individual personalities. Bloom leads us through a comprehensive reading of every one of Shakespeare's plays.10 USD

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