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Estate agents and Private accommodation around the world to suit different demands for rent

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Residential Property for Rent

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Estate agents and Private accommodation around the world to suit different demands for rent

The information is published in all the Website languages to be seen by as many of the Internet users around the world as possible.

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#Location & ProviderKeywordsCategorySpecialisationOfferPrice
14520Denpasar (Indonesia ); Jakarta (Indonesia )
South-East Asia
Destination Management Services (DMC) AgenciesDestination Management Services (DMC) Agencies 
The Seven Holiday
≤ 1 *1000USD
14426Russia: MoscowAirport Shuttle; Barbecue; Cable Television ; Central Europe; Countryside; Cultural Event; Ecotourism; Excursions; Food and Drink / Beverage; Furnished; Holiday / Vacation; Home; Hospitality; House; Language learning; Near to city; Plants; Private; Private Room; Shuttles, Transfers; Passenger transport; Students; Tourist exchange; Village house; Wooden beams; Русский Accommodation: Residential Property for Rent (short-term)Country house / cottage ,
Detached House,
Village house
14339Russia: St.Petersburg Accommodation: Residential Property for Rent (short-term)Two bedroom appartment
City Hostel
≥ 4 USD/night/person
SeaAccommodation: Residential Property for Rent (short-term)Flat / Apartment ,
One bedroom appartment

Premium Park Residence 1
≥ 450 ≤ 500 USD
 Residential Property for RentFlat / Apartment   ≥ 250 USD
13361Barcelona (Spain ); Madrid (Spain ); Toledo (Spain ); Valencia (Spain )
Europe, European Union, European Economic Area
Accommodation; Activities; Activities / Sport; Agency; Business Centre; Business Facilities; Car rental; Communications; Cost of living high; Cultural Activities; Destination Management Services (DMC) Agencies; Equipped and furnished to a high standard; Facilities; Hotel ; Organisation; Package holiday / Package tour; Private Sector ; Private car; Recreation; Reserves (nature); Service Provider; Sport, Tourism, Catering & Hospitality; Stay with a Family; Tickets Reservation / Tickets Booking; Tour; TranslationDestination Management Services (DMC) Agencies 
The Bellboy
≥ 6 ≤ 100 USD/day
13355Spain ,
Air condition; Flat; Apartment Residential Property for RentFlat / Apartment ≥ 500 USD/week
13333Russia: St.PetersburgEntertainment and Recreation ; Excursions; Language learning; RoomAccommodation: Residential Property for Rent (short-term)Room -
12952Austria; Argentina; Bolivia ; Brazil; United Kingdom; Venezuela ; Dominican Republic; India ; Qatar ; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Mexico ; United Arab Emirates; Pakistan ; Peru ; Portugal ; Puerto Rico ; Russia; Saudi Arabia ; United States; Uruguay ; France; Chile; Ecuador
Accommodation Costs; Agency; Agent; Representative; Banquet; Reception; Business Centre; Caribbean; Carriage of passengers; Casino; Catering; Hospitality; Conference Hall/Rooms; Country; Destination Management Services (DMC) Agencies; Ecotourism; Excursions; Games Room; Golf; Golf course; Handbook; Holiday / Vacation; International Airport; Marina; Near to International Airport; PayPal; Reserves (nature); Resort; Restaurant ; Room; Sea; Seaside; Seminar; Services; Shuttles, Transfers; Passenger transport; Sport, Tourism, Catering & Hospitality; Taxis; Minicabs; Private Cars; Tour; Tour guide; Tourism; Tourism, Catering & Hospitality; Tours & Activities; Transportation servicesGeneral Interest InformationOther Services
Alexary tour
12718WorldwideBusiness; Business Facilities; Business acquisition; Contract; Financing / Funding; Financing is required; Foreign direct investment (FDI); International cooperation; Investment club; Investment grant; Investment property; Investor; Money Exchange; Oil; Gas; Service Provider; Venture capital
investors wanted
General Interest InformationAgriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting,
Finance and Insurance,
Mining (Except Oil and Gas),
Oil and Gas Extraction,
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
UBS Investment Bank 

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