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Shipping & Forwarding is a common but sometimes difficult task if you are trying to organize it in a foreign country.

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Shipping and Forwarding

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Shipping & Forwarding is a common but sometimes difficult task if you are trying to organize it in a foreign country.

We hope that the pages below prove to be of use.

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#Location & ProviderKeywordsCategorySpecialisationOfferPrice
14139China, Hong Kong, China (Special Administrative Region)
Worldwide, Africa , America, South America, Asia , Europe
Courier; Delivery; Freight; Goods; International; Logistics; Price low ; Shipping; Forwarding; Transportation servicesShipping and ForwardingCourier and Delivery,
Shipping and Forwarding
Road Transport,
Maritime transport
Shiping goods from China mainland
We are international logistics/express company located in China Mainland. We can help to ship all your orders very fast from your supplier factory to your warehouse for a very low cost. It will be much convenient for you to do business with Chinese if your have your own shipper in China. We can also help you to check your goods at your supplier factory, if needed. If you are interested in saving shipping cost welcome to contact us for details of our service and quotation

DongFangHong International Logistics/Express Comany Limited
Price low
7667WorldwideAdvertisement; Advertising; Advertising Media; Advisory service; Agency; Article; Audio and Visual; Credit Card; Design Studio / Design Agency; Graphic design; International; Internet Advertising; Language; Marketing; Mass communications / Public relations agency; Multilingual; News; Media; Information; Press Release; Price low ; Publication; Video clip; Web banner; WorldwideAdvertisingAdvertising,
News & Media, Information,
Professional services,
Worldwide Advertising
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SEDAM Communications Limited
Price low

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