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CategoryR&D Resources Are Offered
Registration Date2009-10-15
Publication Reference Number2704

Details of organisation providing R&D
Name:SEDAM Communications Limited & The Public Enterprise Testing Centre “Omega”
Established in:2008
Type:Governmental; Private Sector
Type of Business or SectorProfessional, Scientific and Technical Services
Working LanguagesEnglish; Russian
Web Page relevant to Details of Organisation Providing R&D)
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Country; CityCountry: Ukraine
City: Sevastopol
Location Details
City Centre5
Near Bus Stop0.5
Near Highway0.5
Near Train Station7
Near to International Airport80
Near to Sea Port7
Web Page relevant to Location
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Details of R&D
Project Name / SubjectTesting and Certification of Electrical, Radio, and Office Equipment for Importation to the CIS countries
Major customersEmerson Electric Company; Motorola; Realtek Semiconductor Corp.; Siemens AG; Sony Ericsson; Seiko Holdings Corporation; Symbol Technologies
Major customersAlps; Continental; Harman Becker; Rosemount
Abstract / SummaryIn October 2008 SEDAM Communications Limited from London, UK and The Public Enterprise Testing Centre “Omega” from Sevastopol, Ukraine signed a co-operation agreement to work together in supplying services in Testing of Marine equipment for the western market. As an extension of the successful cooperation the SEDAM-Omega tandem are offering a certification support for export of Electrical, Radio and Office equipment to the CIS market. We can consult you on the certification procedures in CIS countries, help you to prepare an application, provide all necessary testing to the relevant requirements, submit the required documents to the relevant national bodies and organisations with a follow-up support and, if required, arrange representation inside the CIS countries. We are in a unique position to open market for your products in many CIS countries in one seamless move and save your time and money on knocking different doors. SEDAM - Omega tandem offer their services to manufacturers and suppliers worldwide at the highest quality level for an very competitive price
Application FieldInformation (including Telecommunications and Internet)
Audio and Video Equipment
Car stereos
Compact disc players (e.g., automotive, household-type)
DVD (digital video disc) players
Home stereo systems
Home theatre audio and video equipment
Radio receiving sets
Television (TV) sets
Communications Equipment
Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment
Antennas, transmitting and receiving
Cameras, television
Cellular telephones
Closed circuit television equipment
Global positioning system (GPS) equipment
Microwave communications equipment
Mobile communications equipment
Receiver-transmitter units (i.e., transceivers)
Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting
Telephones, cellular
Telephone Apparatus
Carrier equipment (i.e., analog, digital), telephone
Data communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers)
Facsimile equipment, standalone
Local area network (LAN) communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers)
Modems, carrier equipment
Private branch exchange (PBX) equipment
Switching equipment, telephone
Telephone answering machines
Wide area network communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers)
Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Computer Storage Device
Computer terminals
Teleprinters (i.e., computer terminals)
Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument
Navigational instruments
Search and detection systems and instruments
Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component
Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
We accept orders from:
Import Location (Destination)
Country(s):Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Moldova; Russia; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan
Commercialisation ModelSale
Report Languages
LanguagesEnglish; Russian
Manpower planning
Own resources
Additional resources
Duration of Works

Price information
Price LevelPrice medium
Delivery TermsEXW - Ex Works
Payment Methods AcceptedCredit Card; International Money Order; Direct deposit ; Wire /Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) / Swift

Contact Information
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United Kingdom: London

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